Register & Pay the ransom

We have three available options.
ALL OF THEM INCLUDE acommodation, organic and local meals and participation.
The “I’m all yours!”
Fata Adventure Pass

Enter Fata Castle on Thursday 7th and get free on Monday 11th. In between, 4 nights in a 4-5 people flat, 4 brunches and 4 dinners (organic and local magic food)
The “I am working too much”
Fata Adventure Pass

Includes 3 nights (from Thursday to Sunday or Friday to Monday) in a 4-5 people flat (with kitchen), 3 brunches and 3 dinners (organic and local magic food)
The “Rabbits or We need space” (SOLD OUT)
Fata Adventure Pass
360€ per person (720€ in total)
(careful, limited offer)
You are « All ours » but in a romantic suite for 2 people…
Registration opens on 11th of February at 14h (French Time)
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